POPIS SJL - Stredne pokročilí

Slovenský jazyk - (B1),

Stredne pokročilí

     The course is intended for interested persons who have learnt to master the Slovak language at a common conversational level and who can communicate in Slovak in common daily life situations and who master more than just a basic grammar. Students will increase and improve their Slovak skills as well as solidify their knowledge of Slovak. They will also become familiar with additional challenges in grammas and broaden their circles of communication and vocabulary related to specific topics.

The number of students in the group is 3 to 10

Cieľová skupina: Interested persons who are able to converse using tenses, all types of conditionals, good use of verbs and indirect speech. Students will converse about challenging topics and will formulate their opinions and perceptions in connected verbal forms. They will also be able to speak about their future plans, wishes and formulate complex sentences.  

Cieľ kurzu:

 - To deepen the existing knowledge of the Slovak grammar and to expand it (verb conjugations,                grammatical linkage...)
- To improve oral and written presentations about different and more challenging topics.
- To have a good orientation in original Slovak texts and comprehension of more challenging topics.
- To broaden the knowledge of grammatical structures and linkage, and to thoroughly exercise them.
- Upon completion of the course to be fluent in Slovak conversation and be able to communicate with         the Slovak population. 

Ukončenie kurzu:

- Checking of language competence (test)
- Certificate of successful completion of the course

                                           Cena: 230 € s DPH