POPIS - SJL PRE CUDZINCOV, Mierne pokročilí

Slovenský jazyk - (A2),

Mierne pokročilí

    The course focuses on mastering the vocabulary at this level, grammar and improvement of communication in basic daily life situations. 

The number of students in the group is 3 to 10

Cieľová skupina: People interested in Slovak language studies who have mastered the basic grammar and are capable to communicate in common daily life situations using simple Slovak with a limited vocabulary, and who also understand simple basic instructions in Slovak.  

Cieľ kurzu:

-To increase basic vocabulary and knowledge of new lexical units.
- To solidify and increase the knowledge of basic grammar competencies and thoroughly exercise them (verbs, adjectives, basic tenses...).
- To increase the knowledge of grammar structures, phrases and thoroughly exercise them.
- To learn about common communication in Slovakia.
- Upon graduating this course the student will be able to converse and communicate in Slovakia.

 Ukončenie kurzu:

- Checking of language competence (test)
- Certificate of successful completion of the course

                                                   Cena: 230 € s DPH