Slovenský jazyk - (A1), Začiatočníci

        The course is intended for beginners. The course´s objective is mastering the basic Slovak grammar, vocabulary and orientation in common basic real life situations.

 The number of students in the group is 3 to 10 

Cieľová skupina: For anyone who has not come into contact with the Slovak language yet, or who wants to learn Slovak from the beginning. 

Cieľ kurzu:

-To learn the basic vocabulary
- To learn the basic grammar, its detailed explanations and exercises (alphabet, plurals, pronouns, basic verbs, present tense...)
- To get a very good foundation for further studies of the Slovak language.
- Upon graduating the course the student will be able to master a basic communication in Slovak (introduction, talking about himself/herself and participating in a simple conversation).

Ukončenie kurzu:
- Checking of language competence (test)
- Certificate of successful completion of the course

Počet hodín: 48 (12 týždňov x 2 vyuč. hod. 2x do týždňa)

                             Cena: 230 € s DPH